With the implementation of industry 4.0 and made in China 2025, industrial automation has become the development trend of the company. In order to meet the batch demand of the company’s conventional products and flexible customized products, under the guidance of the technology department and the active cooperation of various departments, the production is gradually developing towards automation.

The detector products have changed from the original way of manual taking and placing, manual pushing and offline testing to the assembly line production mode to reduce the turnover of products for many times. In the test part, combined with the test system developed by Anxun intelligent control, the product online detection has been realized, the production standardization has been gradually realized, and a safe, stable and convenient production atmosphere has been created. On the premise of ensuring the product quality, the production cycle of the product has been shortened and the production efficiency of the product has been greatly improved.


In order to meet the sales order demand of the controller products in the future, the controller production line has been transformed on the basis of the existing line, from the original circular line to the double-sided line, and the tray is returned by the way of sprocket to realize automatic plate taking and sending, so as to improve the maximum processing capacity of production. For the company’s multi variety, medium and small batch production environment, in addition to the need for automated production lines to meet batch orders, flexible production lines are also very important.

The front-end automatic aging standard inspection equipment being imported will replace the existing discrete front-end production mode. 72 aging racks can not only meet the needs of mass production, but also realize the single customization of special orders. Using the integrated system developed by an Xun Zhifu, connecting MES data, PLC system, process card platform and u9 system interface, combined with product embedded software and hardware, the aging, calibration and inspection are truly integrated to realize the automation of the whole process of the equipment.