Development History


Chengdu Action is specialized in the independent design, R&D, production, sales and marketing of gas detector, gas leak detection system solutions, gas alarm controller system solutions. The product line covers more than 30 models such as gas controller system, industrial fixed gas detector, domestic gas detector and portable gas detector.
Applications include petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, iron and steel, electronics, electricity, pharmaceutical, food, medical health, agriculture, gas, LPG, Septic tank, water supply and discharge, heating, municipal engineering, home security and health, public areas, waste gas treatment, sewage treatment, and many other industries. A number of products and technologies have obtained national patents and software copyrights, and have CMC, CE, CNEX, NEPSI, HART and SIL2 approval, etc.

  • -2021-

    ·We are always on the way..

  • -2020-

    ·The industry 4.0 standard workshop for the annual output of 15 million MEMS sensor research and development projects was put into production.

  • -2019-

    ·Won the 2018 Sichuan Province Integrity Demonstration Enterprise; Obtained the membership certificate of Sichuan Gas Association.

  • -2018-

    ·Established its 20th anniversary and held a celebration with the theme of “Safety 20 Years, Trusted for Decades”.

  • -2017-

    ·Action-brand intelligent gas detector was named a famous -brand product in Sichuan Province by Sichuan Provincial People's Government.

  • -2016-

    ·The company was named an off-campus loT internship and training base for higher education institutions in Sichuan Province.

  • -2015-

    ·The company acquired a CMMI3 Certificate; Was identified as a corporate technical center in Chengdu.

  • -2014-

    ·Acquired the 2014 Excellent High-tech Enterprise.

  • -2013-

    ·Was granted access by China Resources Gas and became an eligible supplier.

  • -2012-

    ·Acquired a Cerificate of Level-ll Qualification for Fire Engineering Design and Construction; Chengdu Gas Detection Engineering Techology Research Center was listed as municipal-level engineering technology research center.

  • -2011-

    ·The company became one of top ten outstanding IoT enterprises in Chengdu; Was granted access by CNOOC and became an eligible supplier.

  • -2010-

    ·Became a director of Chengdu IoT Alliance; Was granted access by ENN and became an eligible supplier.

  • -2009-

    ·Became an eligible supplier of China Gas Procurement Website (its shareholding reform was completed and the company was renamed Chengdu Action Electronics Joint-Stock Co., Ltd in the same year).

  • -2008-

    ·The company was identified as a national-level hi-tech enterprise.

  • -2007-

    ·Won the Award for Scientific and Technological Advancement and acquired a Certificate for AAA-Credit Enterprises in China; The company was granted access to SINOPEC and Energy Ahead Website and become an eligible supplier.

  • -2006-

    ·The company passed software enteprise and software product cerifiation and was ratedas "a big taxpayer" in Hi-tech Zone,Chengdu.

  • -2005-

    ·The company was rated as “a trustworthy enterprise emphasizing quality and abiding by rules” by Sichuan Quality and Technical Supervision Information Center.

  • -2004-

    ·The company was funded by National Innovation Fund.

  • -2003-

    ·The company was rated as a hi-tech enterprise by Sichuan Provincial Department of Science and Technology.

  • -2002-

    ·The company became the first company in southwest China which passed the factory condition inspections for type approval. New products were found acceptable upon inspection.

  • -1998-1999-

    ·The company acquired an Inspection Certificate from China National Supervision and Test Center for Fire Electronic Product Quality and products were sold to Beijing .