Gas Detector Applications

Chengdu Action Electronics Joint-Stock Co.,Ltd company has a wide range of products, including gas alarm controller, gas detector products, industrial gas detection, portable gas detecting alarm, household gas detector products, laser gas telemeter, gas solenoid valve, solenoid valve linkage box and fan linkage box and gas leakage detection accessories.

Industrial gas detection instrument series cover GT-AEC2232bX, GT-AEC2232bX-P, GT-AEC2232a, GT-AEC2331a, GTY-AEC2335. The detecting gases could be combustible gas leakage and the toxic gas detection.

The home gas detector products series cover JT-AEC2363a, JT-AEC2361a, JT-AEC2361b and JT-AEC2361c WIFI gas detector. They all could protect personal safety and property safety.

The portable gas detecting alarm series include single gas detector series BT-AEC2386 and BT-AEC2387, Multi gas detector BT-AEC2688. 

Action has a wide range of products, including instrument gas alarm controller and systems, combustible & toxic gas detector products for industries, portable gas detector for personal safety, ultra-high sensitivity gas detector for home security, gas detector valves, monitoring unit and tool accessories.  

Research and Development

ACTION professional R & D team provides customers with a full range of products from process system to instrument system. Each variety of products contains multiple series, which can meet the needs of different industries. ACTION products cover from ultra-high sensitivity gas detector, from home gas detector to industrial and personal area, gas alarm controller systems and gas detector valves, monitoring unit and tool accessories applications. Senior application experience provides a variety of gas leakage security from gas leakage system to gas monitor instrument and a wide range of gas detector meet the requirements of gas safety all over the world. A wide range of product lines can meet different integration requirements. ACTION has suitable products to choose from, whether it is the requirements of space, harsh working conditions, variable detected gases, and unique installation requirements.


Factory profile

As a professional gas detection and warning equipment manufacturer, Chengdu Action Electronics Joint-Stock Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “ACTION”) is registered in Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone. Founded in 1998, ACTION is a professionalized joint-stock hi-tech entity engaged in design, development, manufacture, marketing and service. Chengdu Action is specialized in the independent design, R&D, production, sales and marketing of gas detector, gas leak detection system solutions, gas alarm controller system solutions. The product line covers more than 30 models such as gas controller system, industrial fixed gas detector, domestic gas detector and portable gas detector.

Applications include petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, iron and steel, electronics, electricity, pharmaceutical, food, medical health, agriculture, gas, LPG, Septic tank, water supply and discharge, heating, municipal engineering, home security and health, public areas, waste gas treatment, sewage treatment, and many other industries. A number of products and technologies have obtained national patents and software copyrights, and have CMC, CE, CNEX, NEPSI, HART and SIL2 approval, etc.