Urban Utility Tunnel Gas Alarm Solution

The utility tunnel monitoring and alarming solution is a very comprehensive control system. Since the technical systems of various systems are different and various standards are adopted, it is hard for these systems to become compatible and interconnected. In order to make these systems become compatible, not only demands in terms of environment and equipment monitoring, communication and geo-information, but also graphic monitoring demands relating to disaster & accident pre-warning and security protection, as well as integration with supporting systems (such as alarming and door access systems) and linkage with broadcasting systems must be taken into consideration. Therefore, the problem of information isolated island, caused by heterogeneous systems, will surely appear in the process of interconnection of these solutions.

This solution controls core factors to quickly, flexibly and correctly understand (- forecast) and solve (- start security devices or give an alarm) unsafe conditions of unsafe human behaviors and things and unsafe environmental factors and thus to guarantee intrinsic safety of utility tunnel.

(1)For personnel security: personnel ID cards, portable itinerant detectors and personnel detection counters are used to control unsafe human behaviors so that patrollers can realize visualized management and irrelevant personnel can be prevented.

(2)For environmental security: multifunctional monitoring stations and intelligent sensors are used to monitor key environmental factors, such as utility tunnel temperature, humidity, water level, oxygen, H2S and CH4, on a real-time basis so as to manage, identify, assess and control sources of danger and eliminate unsafe environmental factors.

(3)For equipment security: intelligent sensors, meters and multifunctional monitoring stations are used to realize online sensing, linked alarming, remote control, command and dispatch of monitoring, drainage, ventilation, communication, firefighting, lighting devices and cable temperature and to make them in a safe state all the time.

(4)For management security: security mechanisms and pre-warning management systems are established to realize visualization of sites, problems and hidden troubles, so as to realize zero error in terms of management, command and operation. In this way, precautionary measures are taken, pre-warning can be given in advance, and hidden troubles can be eliminated while they are in the bud.

The purpose of building an urban utility tunnel is to realize automation based on informatized management, make intelligence cover the utility tunnel’s entire operation and management process, and realize integrated intelligent utility tunnel with efficient, energy-saving, safe and environmentally-friendly management, control and operation.

Post time: Sep-15-2021