• Fuel Gas Solution

    Fuel Gas Solution

    ACTION devotes itself to providing a reliable urban fuel gas security system solution, which is mainly applied to gas stations’ equipment running monitoring (compressors, dryers and sequence control panels) and security monitoring systems (CNG stations’ gas security monitoring systems, fuel gas l...
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  • Industrial Gas Solution

    Industrial Gas Solution

    ACTION devotes itself to providing the safest and most effective gas detection solution to such procedures as oil and gas mining, petroleum refining, petroleum finishing, natural gas treatment, and oil & gas storage and transportation in the petroleum and natural gas industries. The front-end...
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  • Urban Utility Tunnel Gas Alarm Solution

    Urban Utility Tunnel Gas Alarm Solution

    The utility tunnel monitoring and alarming solution is a very comprehensive control system. Since the technical systems of various systems are different and various standards are adopted, it is hard for these systems to become compatible and interconnected. In order to make these systems become c...
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  • Intelligent Security Solution

    Intelligent Security Solution

    MSSP is an intelligent service platform serving MAXONIC Group and its subsidiary companies. It provides timely, transparent and precise all-life-circle product information management, mobile repair & maintenance, and service management services to users and dealers. It is a real comprehensive...
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