GT-AEC2232a Series Fixed Gas Detector

Short Description:

GT-AEC2232 Series detector adopts integrated functional module design, including two parts: detector module and sensor module. The two modules adopt anti-misplug standard digital interface, which is convenient for on-site hot swapping and replacement. The detector has a high-brightness LED real-time concentration display, and the infrared remote control can be used for calibration on site. There is no need to open the cover during calibration, and the operation is simple and convenient. It is widely used in small and medium-sized enterprises, municipal and urban gas.

ACTION gas detectors are OEM & ODM supported and true mature devices, long-tested in millions of projects domestic and overseas since 1998! Don't hesitant to leave your any inquiry here!

Product Detail

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Product Selling Point

1) Beautiful and compact design

Small design, Small size, more space saving;

2) Modular design

The sensor can be hot-swapped and replaced, reducing the follow-up maintenance cost of the product. Especially for electrochemical sensors with a short life, it can save users a lot of replacement costs;

3) Can be equipped with explosion-proof audible and visual alarm

It can be equipped with ACTION explosion-proof audible and visual alarm to meet the needs of users for audible and visual (especially for the detection of toxic gases);

4) High reliability digital tube display

With digital tube concentration display and status indication function, gas concentration and equipment operating status can be observed on site;

5) Selection of commonly used toxic and combustible gases

Solve the detection needs of most gas and small and medium-sized plants (CH4, C3H8 (propane), Co, H2S, NH3, SO2, O2, H2);

6) Fast response time and high sensitivity

7) With dust explosion-proof certification, expand the application scope of small and medium-sized plants

Product Parameter Characteristics

Detection principle Catalytic combustion, Electrochemical Signal transmission mode A-BUS+4-20mARS485
Sampling mode Diffusive sampling Alarm error ±3%LEL
Operating voltage DC24V±6V Indication error ±3%LELdisplay on the connected gas alarm controller
Display mode Digital tube display Sound and light configuration Optional ACTION explosion-proof audible and visual alarm
Power consumption 3WDC24V Signal transmission distance ≤1500m2.5mm2 
Press range 86kPa106kPa Operating temperature -40℃~+70
Explosion proof grade Catalytic combustionExdⅡCT6Gb/Ex tD A21 IP66 T85℃ (Explosion-proof + dust)ElectrochemicalEx d ib ⅡC T6 Gb/Ex t D ibD A21 IP66 T85℃(Explosion-proof + dust) Humidity range ≤93%RH
Shell material Cast aluminum Protection grade IP66
Electrical interface NPT3/4internal thread

Ordering Selection Table


Signal output

Matching sensor

Adaptive control system


Four bus communication(S1,S2,GND,+24V)

Catalytic combustion or Electrochemical

ACTION gas alarm controller: AEC2301a, AEC2302a, AEC2303a


Three-wire 4~20mA

Catalytic combustion or Electrochemical

ACTION gas alarm controller: AEC2392a, AEC2392b, AEC2393a, AEC2392a-BS, AEC2392a-BM


RS485 signal

Catalytic combustion or Electrochemical

RS485 A-BUS+ system

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