BT-AEC2387 Portable Single Gas Detector

Short Description:

Single portable toxic and harmful gas detector, pocket type design, bright orange color, compact and light for carriedInternational first-line brand sensor with more stable performance and it could be optional battery charging. It is widely used by urban fuel gas users, petrochemical, iron & steel plants and SMEs. Patrollers or on-site operators bring this product with them when they patrol the environment or use this product for personal protection.

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Product Selling Point

1) Detection of various gases: by matching sensors with different gas types and ranges, it can quickly meet the detection needs of different customers in different places;

2) Compact body: the body is light and small, easy to carry, and can be placed in a pocket or pinned to the chest to release both hands;

3) LCD display: real-time display of gas concentration, intuitively understand the state, concentration and other information of the measured gas;

4) Simple operation: single button design, easy to operate, simple and convenient;

5) Various alarm types: indicator light alarm, buzzer alarm, display screen indication alarm and vibration alarm;

6) Rechargeable lithium battery: it can work continuously for more than 8h after charging;

7) Infrared communication: connect the host computer through infrared signals, support parameter setting, and upload logs;

8) Explosion-proof design: enclosure of this product is made of anti-wear and high-strength ABS materials and its explosion proof grade reaches Ex ib IIC T4 Gb.

Product Parameter Characteristics

Detectable gases COH2SNH3CL2,etc
Detection mode Diffusive
Response time 30st90, 60sNH3
Operating voltage DC3.7V/1500Mah (single-use battery, optional battery charging)
Explosion proof grade Ex ib IIC T4 Gb
Protection grade IP66
Operating temperature -25℃~+55
Material Plastic
Dimension weight L×W×H: 107.9×60.8×46.8mm, 125g

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