BT-AEC2689 Series Handheld Laser Methane Telemeter

Short Description:

BT-AEC2689 series laser methane telemeter adopts tunable laser spectroscopy (TDLAS) technology, which can remotely detect methane gas leakage at high speed and accurately. The operator can use this product to directly monitor the methane gas concentration in the visible range (effective test distance ≤ 150 meters) in a safe area. It can fully improve the efficiency and quality of inspections, and make inspections in special and dangerous areas that are inaccessible or difficult to reach safe and convenient, which provides great convenience for general safety inspections. The product is easy to operate, fast response and high sensitivity. Mainly used in areas like city gas distribution pipelines, pressure regulating stations, gas storage tanks, gas filling stations, residential buildings, petrochemical industries and other places where gas leakage may occurs.

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Detected gas


Detected methods

Remote detection

Response time


Detected distance


Detected range


Detected laser grade

Class I

Indicate laser grade

Class IIIR not look directly

Continuous working hours


Protection grade


Explosion-proof grade

Ex ib IIC T4 Gb

Operating temperature


Major Features

Strong anti-interference ability

It adopts advanced laser spectral analysis technology, which is responsive to methane and is not affected by temperature and humidity;

Millisecond response

Millisecond response time can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of user patrol inspection;

Ultra long distance telemetry

Ultra long distance telemetry makes it safe and convenient to inspect special and dangerous areas that are inaccessible or difficult to reach;

Simple operation

Only need to simply pull the trigger to easily detect without complex training;

LCD display function

Clear and intuitive LCD concentration display function (model C is color LCD display)

Maintenance free

Since the internal laser device and optical structure are relatively stable, generally no maintenance is required

Long lifetime

The service life can be up to 5-10 years, and the comprehensive use cost is low

Bluetooth communication

Built-in Bluetooth communication function, with mobile phone APP can realize the functions of patrol track recording, concentration curve, log reading, etc.

Boundary Dimension

Model Selection

Specification model

Additional marking

Detected distance





Size: 145*173*72mm, Weight: 500g


0-50M, 0-80M

Size: 242*190*94mm, Weight: 650g


0-100M, 0-150M

Size: 193*188*68mm, Weight: 750g

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