BT-AEC2383b Portable Single Gas Detector

Short Description:

It is a portable gas detector suitable for gas patrol inspection and household operation. It is small and convenient for staff to carry. There are two air inlet modes: diffusion type and pump type. Combined with gooseneck design, it can easily detect gas leakage in confined space.

Product Detail

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Technical Specifications

1) 1) Swan neck design: Flexible probe design, which can easily detect small and restricted spaces;

2) LCD display: intuitively display the measured gas concentration, quickly check the leakage point;

3) Simple operation: single button design, one-key operation, saving time and effort;

4) High sensitivity: equipped with high-performance sensor, rapid response, and the response time of typical combustible gas is less than 12 seconds;

5) Various alarm types: indicator light alarm, buzzer alarm, display screen indication alarm and vibration alarm;

6) Rugged shell: it is made of wear-resistant and high-strength ABS shell, which is durable and can be used for a long time;

7) Two air inlet modes: diffusion and pump suction are supported to meet the use needs of different scenarios.

Major Features

Detectable gases Natural gas
Detection principle Semiconductor (0~20%LEL)/catalytic combustion (0~100%LEL)
Detection mode Diffusive / pump suction
Response time 12st90
Power consumption 3W
Continuous working hours 8h
Explosion proof grade Ex ib IIC T4 Gb
Material Plastic
Dimension weight L×W×H: 200.5×65×50mm, 310g(Diffusive) / 350g(pump suction)

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