As the New Spring closing, ACTION Labour Union hold Children Open Day this Monday for our 500 employees, and invite their primary school Children to have a Factory visit. The kids are all curious about what
work their Papa or Mom do in company, as well as how’s the secrect
product—gas detector been produced. Today they got a chance to


8:30 AM in the morning, the kids arrived ACTION factory gate with
accompany the parents. Now parents went for work, and kids followed the
guide to a activity room, started their ACTION tour. They plays games,
visit the office, production line and warehouses. At the same time, by
playing games and Popular science knowledge sharing, they learned a lot
about gas and safet. They understand how the gas detector protect human
in their life and industrial production.

A whole day, ACTION factory been filled with happy laughter and cheerful
voices of kids . Its a meanningful day, believe the Children Open Day
plant a lots samll seeds of dream!

Post time: Dec-06-2022