The 21st China International Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition was grandly opened August 8th to August 10th in Beijing • China International Exhibition Center (New Hall). The exhibition area reached 100,000 square meters and nearly 1,800 companies participated in the exhibition.
At the time when the national standard GB50493-2019 "Petrochemical combustible gas and toxic gas detection and alarm design standards" is about to be fully implemented, As one of the participating units of the national standard, ACTION officially launched the new national standard solution and appeared in the 21st China International Petroleum and petrochemical technology and equipment exhibition, which was grandly opened in Beijing. And ACTION has more than 20 years of industry foundation precipitation in the field of gas safety monitoring, the products unveiled at this exhibition have launched new national standard solutions for oil and gas drilling and production, oil and gas storage and transportation, oil and gas refining, and oil and gas sales. In addition to conventional fixed gas detector, gas alarm and portable gas detector products, the products also introduced handheld laser telemetry instruments, handheld laser methane gas telemeter, cloud desktop linear laser methane gas detectors, safety monitoring systems, gas alarm controller, smart service platforms, etc.
Under the condition of lack of chips in the world, ACTION demonstrated that its self-produced sensors have been unanimously recognized by visitors. In addition to conventional semiconductors and catalytic combustion, the emergence of infrared sensors and laser sensors independently produced by our company is undoubtedly a boost to the field of domestic gas safety monitoring.
At this exhibition, our company was highly praised by visitors and suppliers. We continue to adhere to the brand interpretation of "safety, reliability and trust" and the quality policy of "professional technology leads to safety, continuous improvement guarantees reliability, sustainable innovation makes customers feel more satisfied! ", so as to provide users with higher quality and safe gas detection products. And become a leading expert in the safe gas application field in the world.

Post time: Oct-11-2021