JT-AEC2363a Household Combustible Gas Detector

Short Description:

A simple and classic household gas alarm with simple functions and focus. It is used to monitor gas leaks in the kitchen. High cost performance, can meet the group’s large-scale centralized purchase, reduce management costs, and is suitable for agents pursuing high profits.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Selling Point

1) High cost performance: minimalist appearance, focused functions, eliminating redundant design, focusing on the product itself, and striving to bring the ultimate user experience;

2) Output mode: single output, driving household solenoid valve, forming a cost-effective household gas safety solution;

3) Quick response: response time10S

Product Parameter Characteristics

Principle of detection Semiconductor
Detection mode Diffusive
Detectable gases Methane
Alarm concentration 8%LEL
Response time 10st90
Operating voltage AC187V~AC253V50Hz±0.5Hz
Power consumption 3W
Operating temperature -10~+55℃,relative humidity93%±3%
Output 1 set of contact output, pulse output DC12V
Protection grade IP30
Drop height 1m
Mounting mode Wall-mounted
Dimension weight L×W×H: 80×80×32mm, 120g

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