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Household Gas Alarm Solution

System Overview

    5.gifThe household gas alarm networked monitoring system can realize intelligentized centralized management over gas conditions at the layer accessed (zonal residents) and uninterrupted 24-hour full-range centralized monitoring throughout the year. 

    5.gifThe ACTION household alarm can transmit data to a DRMP (device remote monitoring platform) through the GPRS communication mode. Thus household gas safety is under professional monitoring 24 hours a day. 

    5.gifAs alarm information appears, the household gas alarm monitoring system will give a prompt automatically and position the alarm precisely and quickly so that related persons can handle the alarm timely. 

    5.gifAs the detection device in the household gas alarm monitoring system detects an on-site danger, it can give an alarm through the system’s management platform and give a short message to remind related persons to eliminate the danger. 

    5.gifUsers can download APPs to use mobile terminals to monitor the equipment running conditions. 

    5.gifThe system has a low use cost and it can be installed easily.


System Composition

The GPRS IoT monitoring system is comprised of the following sub-systems: 

Data collecting terminal

For collecting basic data;

Transmission system 

For data transmission and relay (data collected are transmitted to the DRMP. The system uses the GPRS network as a transmission link);

 Data center 

The data center collects data and carries out analysis and modeling of the transmitted data. Data are displayed to customers through the DRMP;

Application terminal

Customers can get the on-site equipment running statuses and situations through fixed terminals or mobile terminal APPs. Meanwhile the system’s management platform will give a short-message warning timely to remind related persons to handle it. 

System diageram


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