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Industrial Area Alarm Control Solution

System Overview

    5.gifThe gas detection system can show strong centralized management and zone control capabilities through system setup; 

    5.gifThe system can realize communications between the host computer and numerous alarm controllers; 

    5.gifThe system can monitor and manage large-capacity equipment statuses intensively; 

    5.gifThe system can monitor concentration data and equipment status at all gas control layers in all areas on a real-time basis; 

    5.gifThe system has friendly man-machine graphic operating interfaces that can show devices at all gas control layers in all areas in the form of flow charts; 

    5.gifThe system can realize manual/automatic remote control signal output and remote start/stop control of external control equipment at the alarm control layer in all areas; 

    5.gifThe system has real-time data viewing and historical data and information storage and search functions. Data and information include gas concentration, alarm information and failure information; 

    5.gifThe system also has real-time/historical data and information listing and curve search functions as well as historical data and information report exporting and printing functions; 

    5.gifOperating users are managed through multi-level authority to guarantee the system’s hierarchic management and safe operation; 

    5.gifThe system can realize wireless communication with zonal gas control layers; 

    5.gifThe system has an online web release function. Other computers can visit the system through webpages to realize simultaneous multi-computer monitoring. 

System composition

The system is comprised of three layers, i.e. management layer, zonal control layer and gas detection layer. 

     Management layer 

Function: to monitor and manage the network management layer of all equipment in the entire system. 

Main devices: the host computer, which should be equipped with RS485 standard communication interfaces and zonal alarm control system software (configuration software). If a wireless communication mode is adopted between the host computer and zonal control layers, the host computer should be accessed to Internet. 

   Zonal control layer 

Function: to monitor and manage all equipment in the zonal gas detection layer, communicate with the management layer through the RS485 bus, or communicate wirelessly with the host computer through the GPRS wireless communication module. 

Main devices: zonal controllers (ACTION AEC2301a, AEC2302a, AEC2303a, AEC2305, AEC2392a, AEC2393a, AEC2392b and AEC2393b gas alarm controllers). Each zonal controller must have a RS485 communication interface. 

     Gas detection layer 

Composition: the gas detection layer is made up of gas detection devices and on-site control equipment, etc. 

Main devices: gas detectors (ACTION combustible gas detectors and toxic and hazardous gas detectors), other transmitters (4-20mA or startup/shutdown output) connected through the input module (JB-MK-AEC2241), and external control devices which are linked through the output module (JB-MK-AEC2242) or the linkage box (JB-ZX-AEC2252).

System diageram


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