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AEC2375a Independent Combustible Gas Detector

Target Gas:Methane
Sensor Type:Semiconductor
Gas sampling:Natural diffusion
Alarm Concentration:6%LEL
Response time (t90):≤30s
Contact Capacity:3A/DC30V 3A/AC250V
Mounting Mode:Ceiling-mounted


Technical Specifications



Detectable Gases Methane Combustible gases
Sampling Mode Diffusive sampling
Alarm Concentration


Response Time ≤30s (T90)
Operating Voltage AC187V~AC253V (50Hz±0.5Hz)
Power Consumption ≤3W

Two sets of contact outputs are provided to adapt to corresponding linked devices

Contact Capacity 3A/DC30V  3A/AC250V
Mounting Mode Ceiling-mounted





Major Features

    1.jpg High sensitivity

    High-performance semiconductor sensors, characterized by high sensitivity, stability and strong anti-interference and anti-heat-humidity capacity; 

    1.jpg High intelligence and digitalization

    High-performance micro-controller technology, with self-inspection, automatic failure identification, automatic alarm, automatic reset, and automatic linkage functions;

    1.jpg Multiple operating voltages 

    daptable to multiple nonpolar operating voltages; the high-voltage terminal is not exposed, easy to mount;

    1.jpg Good alarming effect

    The 85dB buzzer gives audible alarms and the highlight indicator gives visual alarms. This product also has service life indication and historical information recording functions, satisfying the requirements of new national standards;

    1.jpg Diversified output modes

    Multiple output modes are available. This product can link solenoid valves, manipulators and exhaust fans, etc. It can be connected to intelligent security/firefighting systems of residential quarters; 

    1.jpg Customized service

    Dual-sensor functional expansion location is reserved. There are a variety of input and output types, to satisfy various special customized product demands; 

    1.jpg Communication expansion interface for wireless distant transmission

    Different functions can be expanded through the bottom box. This product can be used for Abus+, WiFi and GPRS communication expansion. This product has a strong networking capacity and highly-modularized design. The networking module can realize multiple networking expansion modes. Data can be transmitted to DRMP of ACTION Data Center via GPRS. User can use an APP-installed mobile terminal to monitor equipment running status.

Product Architecture



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