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AEC2338 Gas Detector (Alarm) Series

Detectable gases:Combustible gases and steams, toxic and hazardous gases
Gas sampling:Diffusion sampling
Power Consumption:≤3W (DC24V)
Display: LCD Display
Protection grade: IP66


Technical Specifications


Detectable Gases Combustible gases and steams, toxic and hazardous gases 
Sampling Mode Diffusive sampling
Operating Voltage DC24V±6V
Power Consumption ≤3W (DC24V)
Display LCD
Signal transmission Four buses signals (Signal buses: S1,S2; Power supply buses: GND and +24V) and 3sets of relay signals
Signal Transmission Distance ≤1500m (2.5m㎡)
Outlet hole connecting thread NPT3/4"(female)
Explosion Proof Grade Exd II CT6 Gb Protection grade: IP66
Material Cast Aluminum
Dimension Length x Width x Thickness:228mm x 177mm x 87 mm

Major Features

    1.jpg Highly-integrated functional module design

    The integrated functional module is made up of two parts, i.e. detector module and sensor module. Anti-misplug standard digital interface is used between the two modules, good for on-site hot plug replacement;

    1.jpg Alarm concentration can be set freely within the full range

    Low alarm concentration and high alarm concentration can be set freely within the full range. As keys are used for calibration, the calibrated value can be set according to calibrated gas concentration. Concentration is displayed through LCD on a real-time basis. On-site calibration can also be perfomed with an IR remote controller. At the time of calibration, it is unnecessary to open the cover. The operation is easy and convenient;

    1.jpg Military-grade LCD display

    LCD real-time concentration display, clearly indicating equipment working conditions under highlight and in distance;

    1.jpg Multiple communication modes are available 

    Such product types as three-wire (4-20mA), two-wire (4-20mA), and 4-20mA with HART are available for selection;

    1.jpg Flexible combination and multiple output modes

    Multiple detector modules and multiple types of sensor modules can be combined flexibly to form detectors with special output functions and applicable to different targets to meet customers’ customized demands;

    1.jpg Replace a sensor as easy as replacing a bulb

    Sensor modules for different gases and ranges can be replaced freely. No calibration is required after replacement. That is, the detector can read ex-factory calibrated data and work immediately. In this way, the product has a longer service life. Meanwhile, detection calibration can be done easily at different sites, avoiding complicated dismantling process and difficult on-site calibration and reducing later maintenance cost.

Product Architecture

1. Dust cover

2. Sensor component

3. Locknut of the gas collecting head

4. Socket head cap screw

5. Anti-rotating disc

6. Stopper

7. Display module

8. Top cover

9. Bottom box

10. Earth tag

11. Screw

12. Bottom board



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