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AEC2332 Series Point-type Combustible Gas Detector



Technical Specifications



Detectable Gases Urban fuel gases, such as natural gases and liquefied gases
Sampling Mode Diffusive sampling
Range (0~100) %LEL
Operating Voltage DC24V±6V
Power Consumption ≤1W (DC24V)
Signal Transmission Four buses (Signal buses: S1,S2; Power supply buses: GND and +24V)
Signal Transmission Distance ≤1500m (2.5m㎡)
Outlet hole connecting thread NPT3/4"(female)
Explosion Proof Grade Exd II CT6 Gb Protection grade: IP66
Material Cast Aluminum
Dimension Length x Width x Thickness:154mm x 107.5mm x 60mm

Major Features

    1.jpg Independent working condition indicator

    With independent working condition indicators to indicate normal, failure and alarming statuses respectively;

    1.jpgReal-time concentration detection

    Monitor combustible gases within the lower explosive limit in the industrial environment and give alarms; to transmit on-site gas concentration information to the controller on a real-time basis; 

    1.jpg High intelligence and digitalization

    Identify sensor failures and provide overlimit protection for high-concentration gases; when a sensor may be out of service due to aging, the detector can identify it and give an alarm so as to prevent alarm failure. Each detector has only one ESN. No code dialing is required, reducing the complexity of manual code dialing; 

    1.jpg High sensitivity 

    Single-chip microcomputer technology and high-sensitivity anti-poisoning gas sensors are used to adapt to environmental changes automatically, compensate sensor sensitivity attenuation, and keep a high alarming sensitivity; 

    1.jpg Portable and small size, easy to mount 

    The product is portable and small in size, applicable to diversified mounting modes and easy to mount.

Product Architecture

1.Set screw 

2.Top cover 


4.Glass clamping ring 

5.O-type seal ring 

6.Protective cover 

7.Circuit board

8.Earth tag

9.Dust cover

10.Sensor component 

11.Sealing washer 

12.Bottom box

13.Bottom board




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