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AEC2323 Explosion-proof Audible-visual Alarm

Operating Voltage:DC24V±25%
Operating Current:<100mA
Light Intensity:2400±200mcd
Alarm Method: ≥85dB
Protection Grade: IP66


Technical Specifications



Operating Voltage DC24V±25%
Operating Current <100mA
Light Intensity 2400±200mcd
Sound Intensity ≥85dB
Electrical Interface G3/4"Internal thread
Explosion Proof Grade Exd II CT6 Gb Protection grade: IP66
Material Stainless Steel




Major Features

    1.jpg The AEC2323 explosion-proof audible-visual alarm is a small audible-visual alarm applicable to zone-1 and 2 hazardous areas and class-IIA, IIB, IIC explosive gas environment with a temperature class of T1-T6. 

    1.jpg The product has a stainless steel enclosure and a red PC lampshade. It is characterized by high intensity, impact resistantance, and high explosion-proof grade. Its LED luminescent tube is characterized by highlight, long service life and non-maintenance. With a G3/4’’ pipe thread (male) electrical interface design, it is easier to be connected to other devices to give audible-visual alarms at dangerous sites. 

    1.jpg The product has a unique sound control function. As it is used in combination with an ACTION gas detector, its sound can be eliminated by using the detector’s calibration remote controller or a supporting controller. After sound elimination, it can still give audible alarms.

Product Architecture


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