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DN15 Household Gas Solenoid Valve

Medium Type:Natural gases,liquefied gases,artificial coal gases and non-corrosive gases
Drift diameter:DN15
Time to cut off:<0.3S
Explosion-proof sign:Exmb ⅡT6


Technical Specifications


Medium Type Natural gases, liquefied gases, artificial coal gases and non-corrosive gases
Drift Diameter: DN15
Working Mode Normally open
Rated Voltage

​DC9V capacity discharg

Time to Cut off <0.3s
Working Pressure ≤50 kPa
Reset Mode: Manual reset
Explosion Proof Sign Exmb II T6



Major Features

    1.jpgThis product is used to cut off gas supply in case of emergency. It is characterized by fast cut-off, good sealability, low power consumption, high sensitivity, reliable action, small size and convenient use;


    1.jpg​It can be connected with an ACTION independent combustible gas detector or other intelligent alarm control terminal modules to realize on-site or remote manual/automatic cut-off of gas supply and guarantee gas use safety.

Product Architecture

 Model selection

Product name


Conduction mode

Additional marking


Household gas solenoid valve


Type A

B (black)

Please specify the conduction mode and color when placing an order

Type C

Y (yellow)


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