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Gas Alarm Controller AEC2393b

Types of Gas Detected:%LEL,%VOL,ppm
Alarming Mode:Audible alarm and LED visual alarm
Display Screen:OLCD Chinese display
Working Voltage: DC24V±6V
Power Consumption: ≤3W
Accuracy:≤±5% FS
Weight:About 4.5Kg


Technical Specifications




Types of Gas Detected %LEL, ppm, %VOL 
Operating Voltage DC24V
Power Consumption ≤10W (Excluding supporting equipment)
Signal Transmission 4~20mA Standard signal (three-wire system)
Signal Transmission Distance ≤1000m (1.5m㎡)

1~4 Points

Alarming Mode Audible-visual alarm
Display  Nixie tube
Mounting Mode Wall-mounted
Boundary Dimension  Length x Width x Thickness:365mm x 220mm x 97mm



Major Features

    1.jpg Three-wire system signal transmission; wall-mounted casing; anti-RFI/EMI interference;

    1.jpg Because this product has a beautiful appearance and a portable size, several devices can be wall-mounted together. By replacing the main power supply module, one master control card can connect 14 transmitters; 

    1.jpg The master control card and channel cards are set separately but have a function of synchronous display. With a large LCD Chinese display screen, the master control card can realize Chinese menu operation as well as faster and easier display and operation;

    1.jpg Channel cards’ multiple output types are applicable to linkage of on-site external control devices. By using standard MODBUS communication protocol, RS485 communication function can communicate with the host computer (e.g. DCS/PLC/EDS/RTU, etc.); 

    1.jpg Channel cards can receive 4-20mA signal or switching value signal input and be connected with various devices, including combustible gas detectors, toxic and hazardous gas detectors, oxygen detectors, flame detectors, smoke/heat detectors and manual alarming buttones, etc.;

    1.jpg Save the latest 999 alarming records, 999 failure records and 100 startup/shutdown records for check, which will not be lost in case of power failure;

    1.jpg The master control card integrates the functions of the power supply card and the one-circuit channel card. All channels can be equipped with a HART communication module, showing a strong function.

Product Architecture

The control panel contains the display interfaces and operating interfaces of the master control card and channel cards, including the display screen, the LED status indicator, the alarm buzzer (installed inside the master control card) and operating keys. The master control card has ten operating keys while a channel card has three ones (see the following diagram) 



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