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AEC2387 Portable Combustible Gas-Detecting Alarm

Detectable gases:Toxic and hazardous gases:SO2,H2S,CO
Gas sampling: Natural diffusion
Response time (t90):≤60s
Power Supply DC3.6V/1200mAH
Explosion Proof Protection Grade: Ex ib IIC T4 Gb IP67


Technical Specifications


Name Parameter
Detectable Gases Toxic and hazardous gases
Sampling Mode Diffusive sampling
Response Time ≤60s (T90)
Power Supply DC3.6V / 1200mAH (Single-use battery)
Explosion Proof Grade Ex ib IIC T4 Gb Protection grade: IP67


Major Features

    1.jpg Applicable to multiple types of gases

    Sensors for different gas types and ranges can be equipped to meet demands of different customers and different sites;

    1.jpg Reminding of normal running

    This product reminds users through audible-visual signals that their equipment is under normal conditions and can be used continuously; 

    1.jpg Multiple concentrations displayed via LCD

    Gas concentration is displayed on a real-time basis. The detector shows gas status and concentration intuitively. A variety of alarm icons are used. A more humanized sense of operation is provided;

    1.jpg Multiple alarm types

    Support upper limit, lower limit, TWA and STEL alarms; 

    1.jpg High intelligence and digitalization

    High-performance micro-controller technology, automatic failure identification, automatic alarm, and automatic protection over high-concentration gas overlimit; 

    1.jpg Good alarming effect

    Audible-visual alarms and display screen-indicated alarms; 

    1.jpg Infrared communication

    Connect the host computer through infrared signals, support parameter setting, and upload logs; 

    1.jpg Explosion-proof design

    Enclosure of this product is made of anti-wear and high-strength ABS materials and its explosion proof grade reaches Ex ib IIC T4 Gb; 

    1.jpg Protection grade IP67

    High protection grade: IP67.

Product Architecture

Material: Plastic

Dimension: length × width × height 107.9mm×60.8mm×46.8mm

Weight: 0.12kg (Plastic)



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