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Action 20th Anniversary Celebration

2019-01-18 13:25:46 Admin

    The 20th Anniversary Celebration of Action Electronic (Chengdu) Joint-Stock Co., Ltd. ended successfully on July 27, 2018,the event was well received by leaders, guests, customers and employees.

    The activity is mainly divided into three parts:Action Multimedia Showroom Open Tour, 2018 New Product Launch and 20th anniversary celebration party.The completion of the multimedia exhibition hall has enhanced the company's corporate image and enhanced brand influence,new product release shows the company's research and development strength,the celebration party showed the spirit of employees' positive and high sense of ownership,it has played a positive, positive and important significance for the company's publicity.

    Except for the wonderful performances in the 20th anniversary party,also awarded the "Action Trust 20 Year Development Contribution Award",“Ten Year Gold Award”, “Excellent Staff Award”,"Best Partner Award" and "Excellent Partner Award",recognize employees and partners who accompany Action's growth.






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