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General Manager

Fangyan Long

1998.7-Present Chengdu Action Electronics joint-stock Co., Ltd. Chairman, R&D Deputy General Manager.

To become a leading expert in the safe gas application field in the word .

Main Achievement

  • 1994—Hosted the development of a large-capacity fire alarm controller. It’s the first one to adopt the large LCD Chinese characters display in the country, has the bus linkage control system function that can be arbitrary programming on-site, and won the prize of Sichuan Excellent New Product Award.

  • 1998—Hosting the design of full bus flammable gas alarm system at ACTION is the first to apply the full bus system to the detection of flammable and explosive materials.

  • 2000—The full-bus adaptive flammable and toxic gas monitoring and alarm system developed by the host has automatic identification gas detector (Cancel the dial switch, using electronic ID), automatically adjust sensor zero point, sensitivity, real-time transmission of on-site gas concentration data and other functions, and has a complete self-diagnosis function.

  • 2002—Hosted the development of a flammable, toxic gas area networked alarm system, using ARM core chip as the main controller, the detector adopts constant temperature control technology (Has applied for a patent). Different agreements for products or components at all levels within the system: the system uses TCP/IP protocol to connect; the DeviceNet protocol is used between the main controller and the node. The fieldbus protocol similar to the instrument bus designed by the company is adopted between the node and detector. The system can be widely used in the monitoring of flammable and toxic gases in large petrochemical enterprises and steel enterprises. The security department also real-time monitor of the operation of the gas monitoring system of key unit through the Internet (No updates since then).


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